Saturday with French General

What better way to spend a holiday weekend than taking an embroidery class with friends at French General
I'd heard of Pam Garrison, the instructor, but don't think I'd seen any of her work before Saturday. Most of her stuff is very whimsical and cheerful, full of flowers and tiny creatures.
We didn't receive any 'instruction' as such, just a picture of Pam's finished sampler, help with stitches if we wanted it and the admonishment to "have fun". 
It was sew great to be among friends, just hanging out and stitching. 
None of us got anywhere near finished - just barely started in fact - but it was one of the most fun, and relaxing, workshops I've attended.
And with Pam's sampler as inspiration, I think I might actually finish this. 
Some day. Looking forward to stitching an hour here and an hour there until this is done.