Orange Man Quilt

What's black and white and orange all over? Matt's birthday quilt!

I found this inspiration months ago on Pinterest,
but it linked only to a picture, not a pattern.
Love this! Can't believe I timed it just right to see Naia's jumping-jack-head above the quilt.

I collected the black and white fat quarters during the 2014 Quilt Run, amassing over 30 different prints (and spending waaaaaay more than my $100 Run budget.) 
I cut one 6" x WOF strip from each piece (2 strips from a couple when I ran short towards the end), then sewed four strips together, alternating mostly black with mostly white. 
Once I had a layout I liked, I cut a 4" piece off the first or last black panel in each row so the seams would be offset across the quilt.

Since black, white and red is so cliched (in my opinion, anyway), I cut 2" strips of a nice, deep, non-Halloweeny orange to sew between each column. 
Auditioning quilting thread colors

The back is the same orange, with a line of 4x6" black prints (from the "ends" I cut above) alternating with a 2x4" white print. I was making up the stripe as I went along - so relieved happy it turned out well!
The finished quilt is 62x82" - it completely covers the top of my queen-sized bed - and is my biggest project to date. This was a fun, surprisingly quick project and I love it right down to the hand-sewn binding, all 280+ inches of it.
Hopefully, Matt loves it too, and will get years of enjoyment from his present. Happy birthday, son!  


captainhook said...

Well, did he love it?! Or do we have to go after him with some seam rippers?