Happy (almost) Birthday

Leia's actual birthday is later this week, but since it's easier to get everyone together on the weekend, we celebrated a few days early. Leia didn't object; something about opening presents early being a-okay with her?
 Leia and Leanne

Getting to dress up in princess-mode and be the center of attention was also okay with her. 
 "Grandma, Grandma, take a picture of my earrings! I can wear these now that I'm all grown up."
 Princess pin-braids.

It was Leia's idea to have a skating party. Mary has been teaching her to roller skate and Leia loves it. 
She's still more comfortable holding on to the 'maid' (great invention!)
but she can skate by herself when she wants - and no one is looking.
Leanne was excited about skating . . . 
until about the 5th time she fell. 
Then she was definitely done, even with Leia encouraging her to keep going. She had fun off the skates, watching the big kids and checking out the video games, so it was all good.
Spotlight on the two (unrelated) birthday girls - who just happened to be wearing identical knee socks. Too cute. 

Leia's big present was a bike.
Mary thought it was too plain, 
so she glitzed it up a bit. 
It is amazing - can you tell Leia loves it?
Skating turned out to be the perfect party venue - everyone had a great time,  from the big (usually rowdy) boys to teenage Naia

and all the little girls.
Happy (almost) birthday, my grown up Leia!


Vickie said...

We took the kids skating once and saw a "maid." Rich went home and built one for Anna; the kids love it!
Looks like Leia's birthday was a hit.