County Fair

We haven't been to the county fair in several years, so Monday we bundled Leia into the car and headed to Ventura. 
Leia wanted to go on every! ride!! (not happening) 
but settled for checking out the 4-H animals,
riding a pony,
petting a wallaby 
and a deer, 
brushing a llama, 
eating a corn dog and ice cream, getting her face painted,
"winning" the tricycle maze derby,
and checking out the exhibits in the Ag Building, which proved a surprisingly big hit 
with its photo op farm animals,
planting pea seeds to take home, and coloring pages galore.
Leia was a good sport about visiting the horticulture exhibits (one of Pop's favorites) and Home Arts (my fav).
Not being a rookie in the grand-parenting game, I made her wait for her ice cream until after we'd visited those two venues. No whining = chocolaty treat. Seemed perfectly Fair to me!