Hello Kitty

I finished another little amigurumi, this time for Leanne.
Please meet Polly Kitty.
Can you tell Leanne loves her?
Leanne was a bit perturbed that Polly doesn't have a mouth,
so I may have to add one when Polly comes back to visit next week. And maybe whiskers?
Think I'll wait and see if Leanne even remembers before I go planning changes to Miss Polly. 
Polly is from the same book as Sun Crocodile. I'm pretty pleased with how she turned out, although when I was sewing the legs and tail on last night, I thought the finished product was going to be a disaster. I definitely need more practice at assembly - and maybe a really good, stitch-by-stitch tutorial.
Polly Kitty ended up having personality to spare and Leanne adores her from the tip of her bright pink tail to the top of cute little ears. And also?
Kitty butt! (That just never gets old . . . . )


Vickie said...

Very cute!

Oh man, lady...I went into a quilt shop in Mountain View just outside of Fort Bridger, today. Holy smokes I can't remember ever seeing a better shop! Adorable display areas and the examples? Major wow!!!!!!