Testing 1, 2, 3 . . .

Best Hubby gave me a pocket-size wi-fi enabled, 16 mega-pixel digital camera for Christmas,
so today we took Leanne and headed for Gardens of the World to give it a test drive.

Leanne was happy to be outdoors and free to roam.

We let her choose our route,

which led us down a few dead-end paths, but we saw some things we might not have otherwise.

She loved the flowers,

chasing the squirrels,

trying to touch the water in all the fountains,

watching the koi,

but what thrilled her the most was figuring out that the ROCKS

played MUSIC!

Verdict on the Gardens? Gorgeous!

Verdict on the new camera? Learning curve is steeper than with the Canons I've owned. Photos taken outdoors are crisp and beautiful, especially after I took it off Auto and used the Scene controls. And being able to upload photos from the camera via wi-fi? Genius.

Photos taken indoors - like on Christmas day and while crafting - are dark and hard to focus. Could have been operator error; more experimentation will tell. The camera - a Nikon Colorpix S6500 - is intended for use on our trips, so outside pics are more important to me at this point than indoor shots. Going to be fun figuring this out.