A Teeny Bit Late

I put the finishing touches on 2 holiday wall-hangings, one for Thanksgiving

and one for Christmas.

Last Christmas.
The dresden turkey just needed his button eyes sewn on, and a bit of reinforcing on the binding corners. Thought I'd have him done in time to hang this year, but the trip to Colorado intervened. But he's labeled and done, ready for next year. Bonus points for me!
The paper-pieced Christmas cactus needed 1 edge and the label sewn sewn down - 30 minutes worth of work I successfully put off for 12 months. I asked Leanne if she'd help me take pix -
and since she was in a silly mood, she let me take these. Sometimes you don't get the shot you thought you wanted - sometimes often Leanne's (or Leia's) version is much, much better.