Cooking and Crafting

Leia spent Sunday night with us, so she and I got a head start on holiday baking.
Wearing great-grandma's apron while she cooks. 

I measured and Leia poured and stirred the ingredients for chocolate chip cookies and zucchini bread.
This was her first time peeling zucchini (she loved it but was kinda grossed out that a vegetable went into one of her favorite foods),
but she is a total pro at cracking eggs - so far, she's never gotten a piece of shell in the bowl - and she's getting better at spooning dough onto cookie sheets. 
Crazy good skills for a 5 year old.
Today we started on the food for Christmas dinner, making porcupines while Leanne napped.
Leia isn't a fan of getting her hands messy, but she makes an exception when it comes to mixing and rolling meatballs. And adding the sauce to the top is her job, thank you very much. 
I had planned a bunch of craft projects for Leia to do on winter break (thank you, Pinterest!!), not realizing that Leanne would be with us too. Most of them, fortunately, can be adapted to suit both girl's skill levels. Day 1 of Crafting With Grandma was making and decorating paper Christmas trees.
Leia had the most fun with the cutting.  
The gluing and decorating was ok, but ~yawn~ been there, done that, can we go back to cooking now?

Leanne, on the other hand, was all concentration. She loved using scissors, gleefully cutting slices all around her paper.
And gluing the puffs for her tree
required total
to the task
at hand.
 (And she obviously concentrates best with her tongue sticking out of her mouth.)
Enough pictures already, grandma!   
Both girls proudly took their masterpieces home tonight. Crafting, Day 1, was a success! 


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Special day!!