Holiday Food

 All my Christmas baking and cooking is done - the last two items are in the oven and crockpot - and it's not even 9 pm! Thanks to Leia's help, I got several things out of the way early, which moved to Christmas Eve what I thought would be cooking Christmas day. Everything but the rice is ready to heat and serve tomorrow - no muss, no fuss, but still delicious.

Tomorrow's menu* includes: 
Ham and egg breakfast casserole (a new recipe - hope it's good!)
Deviled eggs
Teriyaki chicken (here - yummmmm!)
Balsamic roast beef (another new recipe; fingers crossed it's tasty!)
Maple-mustard chicken (a variation on this recipe)
Porcupines (meatballs mixed with rice; everybody in our family loves them)
Steamed Jasmine rice
Zucchini bread - my mother-in-law's delicious recipe
Chocolate chip cookies - recipe straight off the chips bag
Chocolate chip cake - another family favorite
Fudge - I messed this one up this year; normally my MIL's recipe if fool-proof.
And 2 pies from Marie Callender's, 'cause hubby loooooooves them. 

*Did you notice there are no tamales listed? Hubby and I ate our way through the entire batch already. Soooooooo goooooooood!