Santa Day

We dressed the little girls in their princess dresses (one set of them, anyway - they have several to choose from, especially after Addy's very kind momma sent us the princessy dresses Addy had outgrown) and took them to visit Mr. Claus.
Leanne was excited to see Santa, all the way up to the minute she realized she was expected to sit on his lap. She was NOT pleased and wanted her grandma right now. Leia was a pro, chattering away like Santa was her BFF.

I'm not really sure why - the groups before us didn't do it - but the line-control guy offered to take a couple of pics of hubby and me with the girls while we waited our turn to see the big man. 

Soooo happy he did.  Happy, happy, merry, merry y'all!


Vickie said...

LOVE, LOVE the picture of the 4 of you!