Crafting With Glitter Paint

We didn't have much time for crafting today - too many errands to run (silly cats loudly objected to having no food) - so we went with something easy: wood ornaments and glitter paint. 
We started with snowflakes
and once they were saturated, 
moved on to letter "L" - one for "Leia"
and another for "Leanne" -
with a random "A" thrown in for good measure. (I think when Leia was shopping she intended to get all the letters for her name, but somehow the middle 2 were forgotten.)
Leanne has been my surprise of the week. I knew Leia would enjoy our crafting activities, 
but I thought Leanne, at 2 months shy of 3 years old, would quickly get bored. Boy, was I wrong.
She's outlasted Leia both days so far. And she concentrates sooooo hard on what she's doing and really works at doing a good job.
Leanne's "L" - the paint's so thick it may never dry.

You can see how much fun she's having just by looking at her.
Leia's handiwork
And grandma is thrilled that all three grand-girls have inherited the crafting gene!
Addy's ornament tree from our CO trip.