New Toy

Look what followed me home today. 
I swear I was only going to look . . . maybe go back and buy next week after talking to a lady in my Sunday quilting class who wants a new machine too. Thought we might get a discount if we bought at the same time. 

Turns out, Brian at Art and Jenny's offered me a super deal today - waaaay too good to pass up, including throwing in extra feet, needles, bobbins and an acrylic extension table. How could I say no?
My new baby has 11+ inches of "harp" space - room to the right of the needle - a significant increase from what I have now, and bigger even than the 9.5" on the machine I thought I was going to buy. Harp space was my primary reason for getting another sewing machine;
the 120 built-in stitches - including monogram capabilities; speeds up to 860 stitches per minute; automatic thread cutter; knee lifter; Accufeed system; and much more are icing on the cake.

Now I need to figure out how all this works. Play time!