Day Tripping

On Saturday, hubby and I took a day for ourselves and headed north to some of our favorite antique shops. We normally would have made this a two day trip - Cayucos and Cambria are about 150 miles from here - but with one thing and another, we didn't want to be gone overnight, so we got an early start (hey, 8:30 is early for me!) and made it there and back in just over 11 hours.

And what do we have to show for our little jaunt? We didn't find anything super amazing ths time but hubby bought two Stanley wood planes to add to his collection and I came home with these -

a wood Tunisian hook that appears to be hand-carved; a cool screwdriver to use with my sewing machines; and best of all - a Bodie* elephant hook for Leia to hang her coat on. Little treasures we'll use and enjoy.


*Since our trip to the Denver Zoo last June, Leia says every elephant is "Bodie". She's thrilled with her new hook.