Zoo 2

Today we headed for the L.A. Zoo, 
specifically so Leia could see a real-life one of these guys - 
One of her favorite stuffed toys is 'Spike', a small stuffed rhino I bought her almost a year ago. Our usual haunt, the Santa Barbara Zoo, is great but ... no rhinos. 
We checked out all the usual exhibits, 
from monkeys to gorillas to giraffes and koalas, and even petting a red-tailed boa (Leia petted it; Leanne wanted nothing to do with that thing.)
but the girls' two favorite things of the day, by far, were the kid-activated misting system
that soaked both of them while they ran around like crazy;
and Leia pushing Leanne in circles while Pop and I sat on a bench and laughed at their antics. 
Both girls were having a super cranky day, so we were at the zoo less than 2 hours, but thanks to strollers,

rain makers and bear sippy cups, we still have some good memories.
My favorite memory? 
Leanne falling fast asleep before we even got out of the zoo's parking lot. Blessed peace and quiet.