Mr. Otter

Leia is sick with the runny nose/fever that's going around and all she's wanted to do today is recline on the couch or bed, watch movies on the iPad and cuddly with her favorite stuffed baby.
I won this guy in the Guild raffle just over a week ago and brought it home for the little girls. Leia saw it, fell in love and hasn't let it out of her sight since (and definitely hasn't let Leanne touch it.)

I was calling it 'Mr. Otter' and Leia was ok with that . . . until she decided that her baby is a girl and that "Mister" means "boy".
So we changed the name to "Sister Otter", but that wasn't good enough. Then we tried "Tanya Otter". Better, but still not right.
The official, final name according to Leia? "Mister Otter Sister Tanya". Never abbreviated, never shortened. And never, ever out of reach.