Weekend of Fun

We got an early start on the weekend Thursday night when Leia finally started feeling better  - after 5 days of flu-like symptoms - and decided it was time to paint grandma's toenails.
Three colors of glitter polish later, I feel so posh.
The gloves were her idea; she's found Pop's stash of disposable painting gloves and is treating them as her own.

Friday was road-trip day with a buddy. We hit every quilt shop between Thousand Oaks and Carpinteria, with a few antique, gardening and candy stores thrown in for good measure. 
My haul included fabric for both my quilting stash and little girl dresses; 
silly yard ornaments that make me smile; 
flowers that my friend calls Dr. Seuss daisies - love!
(Anybody know what they really are? I've misplaced the tag. I think they're some kind of daisy.)

An embroidered Easter tablecloth
and a vintage bird-shaped salt and pepper duo.
And then there was Saturday. Saturday was needle-felting at French General with an entire table full of friends. We laughed and talked and stabbed ourselves with sharp objects for four solid hours. 
I didn't finish the project (see 'laughing and talking' above) during class - none of us did - but I'm hoping to get my Easter bunny done before Sunday rolls around. Stay tuned!


Vickie said...

Sounds like the perfect weekend!

Marie said...

They are daisies. The scientific name is Osteospermum fruticosum; common name is freeway daisy.