St. Patrick's Hats

I've been obsessed busy making green hats for all the little girls. Found this pattern on Ravelry and fell in love. 
Addy's was first, since it had to be mailed. She loved the bling (so do I.)
Next was supposed to be Naia's, but I figured I was in trouble, size-wise, when it fit Leia to a T.
Leia is also a big fan of bling (and silly faces). 
It was pretty obvious the pattern as-written wasn't going to get anywhere near  Naia's size, especially since she likes tucking her hair up. So I treated the original as a recipe, and struck out on my own. 
Nailed it. Can you tell she's pleased?
There aren't any photos yet, but Mary admired Leia's hat and said she'd like one too . . . .  so a fourth one is done and ready for wearing.