April Showers

I'm hoping that, since the rains are a month early, the flowers will be too. The bed of iris I planted in October was filling with crap weeds impossible-to-get-rid-of ground cover,
so I did a little weeding and a little watering in advance of the storm we're supposed to get tomorrow. (not holding my breath . . .)
The new iris (irises? iris-i?) are looking a lot happier now that they have a bit of breathing room.

And the old iris?
The ones that keep coming back year after year, 
despite the lack of attention and benign neglect they receive?
Love, love, love my iris.

And, in indoor news, the amaryllis that Leia and I planted a few weeks ago
has blossomed - 
or more accurately, exploded with flowers and color.
One day it had a medium-sized bud; the next we had gorgeous flowers that have lasted and lasted.
Leia is very pleased and is taking full credit for how well her flower is doing.