A Gift For Me

The one thing I wanted for Christmas was a picture of all the baby-grands. And with Addison in town for the week, it seemed do-able. Kind of. 

Between tamale day (huge success!), Disneyland, Christmas, San Diego, parents working, and Naia leaving for Sacramento, the only day we could schedule the portrait session was Christmas Eve. Rachel and I loaded all the girls into two cars (kid car seats take up a lot of room), Breanne and Travis drove up from Culver City, and we met at Picture People in the Topanga Mall.

Fortunately, our photographer had tons of patience. And she needed it with Leanne screaming anytime I put her down, Travis more interested in playing with his toys, and Leia getting the giggles and flashing 'peace' signs at the camera. We finally got Leanne to sit in her stroller, covering it with a white cloth so it blended better. And we got this -
the only photo where Leanne isn't crying and everyone had a decent expression on their face. I love it. And I love the memory of how we got here even more.

Clockwise from the top: Addison, 6; Naia, 11; Leia, 4; Travis, 1 year and 1 day; Leanne, 22 months.