Last Day of Christmas

I know it's the middle of January, but I haven't posted the San Diego trip pix yet. So here goes . . . 

Disneyland and Sea World were tops on Rachel and John's visit wish list, so we headed down to San Diego the day after Christmas for a 2-day visit. Rachel had the bright idea of renting a double-stroller, even though the girls were a bit big for it. 
They didn't get as tired - or cranky - as the day wore on, so we didn't get as tired, or cranky, either. Genius.
It also saved us from having to carry Leia all day. The little girl is getting to be a big girl, size-wise.
The day was gorgeous, with temps in the 60's, and the girls had a blast.
They fed sea lions, petted rays and starfish,
and tried to pet dolphins, but they stayed just out of reach.
 We checked out the penguins 
and turtles,
before heading to the kid's area, where Leia stood in line for over 30 minutes to go bouncing
and another 30 to climb on the extensive overhead play area. She was in heaven.
The lines took so long, in fact, that the two of us missed getting into the dolphin show with everyone else. By the time we got there, there were no more seats.
  Leia standing above the Shamu holding tanks.

Good thing we went to the first Shamu show of the day, before it got so crowded! I'd hate to have missed that one.
Rather than sulk - or wait in the looooooong line to be 'escorted' to the seats hubby had saved for us - Leia had her face painted
with "Shamu the dolphin", as she called it

Dead-eye Addy was the big winner of the day. She played several games in the kids area and later while waiting for the boys to finish a 'scary' ride, and won two stuffed frogs (she gave one to Leia. Awwwwww), a stuffed turtle, necklace and more
Hubby and I were afraid Sea World during Christmas week would be too crowded and too cold to enjoy, but it turned out to be positively perfect.