Merry, Merry!

Today was wonderful*.  It was very nice having all my chicks and grand-chicks under one roof for the holidays. 
Santa presents.
Christmas decorations, before bedlam erupted.
Present opening frenzy, complete with spectators and paparazzi. I love the energy in this picture.
PopPop, helping Leanne open her pencils.
Pretty Naia, age 11.
Leia, age 4.
Leanne, age 22 months, still agog at the wonder of Christmas. And one of the best presents of the day -
this was Marie's Strawberry Shortcake house, that she received when she was just a bit older than Leanne and that PopPop carefully stored in the attic since Marie outgrew it many years ago. After a good, looooong scrubbing by PopPop and Auntie Rachel, it was successfully passed down. Leanne looks pretty happy with the deal. 

Edited to add pictures that Scott and Marie took.
Addison, opening her presents.

Hubby with one of his gifts.
My gift from Matt and Mary.
Proof that Leanne does occasionally let Uncle Matt hold her.

*If you don't count the cold I'm getting or the kink in Rachel's neck that keeps her from moving her head at all. Bah humbug.