Teach One

The last time I was in Joann's, I spotted a little pillow - half price! - that was perfect for Leia's preschool nap-time. I let her pick pillowcase fabric from my rapidly growing stash and today we started sewing.
To say Leia was excited would be a big understatement. She was completely engrossed, concentrating on getting everything just so.  
In fact, we got so involved, we forgot about the time and ended up sewing straight though what should have been her gymnastics class. Oops!

I cut and pinned the initial tube, then Leia sewed it together. 
We pulled it inside out, ironed, trimmed and re-pinned it so she could sew the next set of seams - with just a bit of help from cousin Leanne, who wanted in on the action.
Once the sewing was done,  
we fit-tested,
then sleep-tested the pillow 
before Leia did her "I made a pillow" happy dance.
But we still had one more step to go. I had Leia write her name on the pillowcase (it took a couple of tries to get it just right, as you can see on the right below; a quick pressing with a hot iron will erase all evidence of that quickly enough)
and then I embroidered over her writing. 

Perfect. Both of us think so.