On The Second Day of Christmas

Two days after Addy and company landed in So. Cal., we headed down to Disneyland. Yep, on a Sunday. During Christmas week
Hubby and I thought it was going to be a crowded disaster; that we'd be lucky to get on a couple of rides in 8 hours. But the holiday gods were smiling on us - or the weather gods were frowning, I'm not sure which. It was cloudy and drizzly - with patches of lovely sunshine - all day . . . which meant no crowds! 
I've never minded a bit of weather at Disneyland. You're already dressed for the outdoors, so it doesn't take much to ward off a bit of rain. Fortunately, most people see "rain" in the forecast and stay home. Hooray!
We did the biggies first - Pirates, Haunted House and Splash Mountain - and then Rachel and I took the girls to Fantasyland while the others headed to the roller-coastery rides.
cutest photo bomb ever

 Dick and John got to the front of the line at Star Wars . . . just as the ride broke down. So they ran over to the newly revamped Matterhorn, stood in line for 45 minutes and just as they got to the front . . . . the ride broke down.
They toughed it out for 2 hours - being told "it'll only be 15-20 more minutes" several times - but finally did get to ride. And they both said it was worth the wait.
We did both parks, hitting California Adventure in the evening, but the highlight of the day for me - and for Addy and Leia, I think - was the surprise appointment I'd made for them at Studio 365, the Rock Star alternative to princess-themed Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique.
They were primped
and pampered
and styled
and made-up to their heart's content.
Both were thrilled with the attention - and, as Rachel had predicted - it was a  welcome break for two very tired little girls. 
They both almost fell asleep in their chairs, despite the yanking, braiding and pinning involved in their fancy hair-styles.

And what do Rock Stars do, once they have their second wind? They smile for the paparazzi,
toast their friends, 
and party into the night.      


Vickie said...

Beyond special!! A good time had by all.