Mother Nature Wins Again

My computer is in my unheated craft room, which isn't normally an issue, but it's been so cold lately that my poor little space heater never had a chance in the battle with Mother Nature. I want to blog - and post things on Ravelry - but I'm a wimp when it comes to frozen fingers and toes. So please pardon the sparsity of posts and the lighting round of complete projects below, skimpy as they are on the details.

Mary's Christmas scarf (click link to go to my Ravelry page) -Acacia Scarf by Megan Marshall. (Color is more accurate in the photo below)Love this pattern and will definitely be making it again.

Another Sunrise Ripple Scarf, my own pattern that I'll get around to writing up one of these days. Probably the day before I teach the class for which this sample is destined. Love how the yarn (Schoppel 'Gradient') has so many shades of my lovely orange.
Four more squares for the Tunisian Block-a-Month class. This is Round 2; the gold/white block is my definite favorite in this group. It was supposed to be a Brick Stitch block, kinda like this, but I misread the directions decided to go my own way and came up with something entirely different. Pretty pleased with how it turned out.

Two more blocks for the crochet block-a-month class - 
 Cabled Beauty, a 10" version of 'On the Road Again', one of my favorite blocks;
 and Kitties on a Rail / Kittens on a Fence / Cats in a Row - so many different names for the same basic stitch pattern. This one's been on my to-do list for awhile; glad I can finally cross it off.

If anyone's interested, my entire list of classes for January through April is here