Jewelry Makin'

I swore I wasn't going to get into jewelry making. Too many crafts already and not nearly enough time to do them well enjoy them. But then I started reading about French General
found out they are just a few miles down the road only 45 minutes away (or 2 hours, depending on LA traffic), and somehow let a friend talk me into taking a class there with her.
So. Much. Fun. Three hours, 72 charms and much laughter later, we both had finished bracelets. 
The shop is tiny but packed full of fun charms, beads, fabric, kits, and much, much more. The only thing that followed me home, though, was a giant pincushion. Simply could not resist it.

We're already planning on taking more jewelry-making classes, along with the felted bunny class in March. Yeah. So much for 'no more hobbies'.  


Vickie said...

Oh, I must know more about this shop!!! Love the bracelet!!!!!