Happy Halloween!

I've always enjoyed Halloween, but it's never been that big a deal for me - until the baby grands came along. They get soooooo excited about dressing up and about PUMPKINS!
Addy, as Princess Tiana

 Leia has talked about pumpkins! since the first of August.
She's been to the pumpkin patch twice - once with us and again with her dad - so after taking her to see Brave (again) this afternoon,
we made a quick stop at her favorite patch to pick up a little something for her and Naia to decorate tonight. Naia created a scary vampire face

while Leia's was a little more free-form - and she signed her name below her design. Not bad for 4 years old!
Leia, complete with curly red hair and make-up left over from her ballet recital, 
will be trick-or-treating as Merida. She already had the dress, courtesy of PopPop; dad just added a bow and arrow to complete the look. 
And Naia is a vampire (she's practicing her 'look' in the pic above). I thought the red streak in her hair was a nice added touch.
Can't wait to see what candy the girls bring home tonight. Not that I'd steal borrow sneak any treats out of their baskets. But if I did, it would only be to help them stay healthy. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.