8-Day Marathon

Look what I've been doing - almost exclusively - for the past week.
When I was asked to do this, I thought 'sure, no problem.' 12 squares in 10 days? I can do that. 
But then there was a delay in getting the yarn to me. And there were 6 different patterns - 2 blocks per pattern - none of which were written for the size block I was making. Lots of swatching and making it up on the fly creativity required.   
All of which took time. Lots and lots of time.
I wove in the last tail at 12:30 last night. This morning I packed everything up and shipped it off overnight express.
So, what did I learn from all this? I learned I can make a complete afghan in a week(ish).
Did I enjoy the experience? Not much. I don't like being project monogamous; don't like having to work on a specific project for that long a period; and definitely dislike not having the time to make every block perfect.
Would I do this again? H*ll no Probably. 'Cause I never could pass up a challenge.


Petunia Pill said...

I don't like being monogamous to a project either. (Does my husband count as a project?) I AM project monogamous on that one. LOL Well, your week of hard work paid off beautifully. Such lovely squares! Now you can look forward to doing as you please! (until the next challenge presents itself) Hugs, Annette

Vickie said...

There is such a word as "NO." That being said, the samplers are stunning...well worth the effort?