Magic Carpet

This wasn't on the ground more than 10 seconds before Leanne made herself at home, dead center in the picture I was trying to take.Please pardon our binky; we weren't feeling very good today.

I've been collecting Halloween fabric and remnants for the past few months - ever since it appeared in stores around July 4th (no joke) - and had enough that I only needed to double up 2 prints for the 15 pieces I needed.  And I have enough left over to make at least 2 more runners. After Halloween, unfortunately. 
This goes in the mail to Rachel tomorrow. And since I'm just a tad late getting it done, she might get one day's use out of it before Halloween is over.
Which is why there are pumpkins and fall foliage on the reverse. Double the pleasure, double the fun seasonal use, right?  
Leanne is going to be upset when her magical play mat disappears in the morning.

Details: size before washing - 20.5 x 51". After washing - 19.5 x 49.25".
Quilt as you go tutorial here, courtesy of FairyFace Designs and Canadian Abroad.