Lately, I feel like I should be nominated for a 'most concurrent projects' award - lots of things are in the works, but things are getting done too.

Marie's birthday quilt is really, really finished - 
long-arm quilted, binding hand-stitched, washed, dried, photographed and gone to its new home.The quilted stitch pattern is 'cotton candy' but to me it looks like waves, perfect for the beach-y theme Marie requested.

The sock yarn project from last week's weaving workshop is now an infinity scarf. 
I've never been fond of fringe, so sewing the ends together and making it one long loop was the perfect finish. This is a tad shorter than I like; it's looking more and more like I'm going to be remaking this soon.

And finally, my Beaded Mantle is also done. 
I made this pattern once before, but wanted to do it again with lace-weight yarn and sparkly beads.  
Love how it turned out, but . . . . .  
it's alpaca, and alpaca makes me itch, so this may end up either gifted or on the 'for-sale' table when the Guild holds its open house and sale on October 27.

 Lily Kitty, on guard  


captainhook said...

Lovely shawl. I remember this from show and tell night. Thanks for your comment on my blog--I'm already in the guild! See you at spinning, or knitting, or quilting! Love your quilts too, btw.