Making Spring Flowers

I love iris. They are hands-down my favorite flower. When we moved into this house 20+ years ago, we inherited several varieties - including one gorgeous brown that was the first non-traditional iris I'd ever seen. But over the years they've all died out except one hardy specimen that comes back year after year. 
I don't remember how I found them, but about a month ago I spotted info on Pleasants Valley Iris Farm in Vacaville, California. One look at their online catalog and I was hooked. Or should that be 'sunk'?
The box of goodies arrived earlier this week. Hubby did a bit of rearranging in the yard - cutting down two dead trees and replanting a flowering garlic plant or three -

 with supervision help,
here and there, from the little girls.
And today we got busy planting spring flowers. I ordered 9 iris but 2 additional bulbs were sent as free gifts; I love little things like that - and it pretty much guarantees I'll be shopping with Pleasants Valley again next year.
As there is absolutely no chance I'll remember what I bought - or which iris went where - I'm listing them here - with pictures; iris bling! - for reference. Hubby and I both selected our favorites for this order. Anybody want to guess which one of us picked all the brown dark non-traditional iris?
 1. Full Figured -

2 & 7. Copper Classic -  (one purchased, one gift)
3. Goldfinger - (gift)
4. Rock Star - (rebloomer; may bloom more than once each year)
5. Violet Tiger -
6. Wonderful World - 
8. Fanfaron -
9. Epicenter -
10. First Interstate - 
11. Makes Scents - 

I bought more! Couldn't resist....

American Maid


Rustic Royalty (gift) 


Vickie said...

Gorgeous choices!! I hope I get to see them this spring.