Ended up going to Solvang twice this past week. Once with hubby for date day Tuesday and again on Thursday with three-quarters of the Yarn Mafia (missed you, CG!)

While hubby and the little girls napped on Friday,

Miss Leanne

I took pics of my new treasures.

Leia and the blanket she calls "Baby"

On the drive up with hubby, I carefully made a list of all the things I needed from the weaving store, totally forgetting they are closed on Tuesdays.

But that kinda worked to my benefit; we walked around after visiting our favorite antique store and found a needlepoint shop that sells bobbin lace books and tatting thread. Score!
Lily, 30 seconds away from getting smacked
for batting the thread balls around

Thursday I was able to get everything on my list and more (of course.)
More bobbin lace bobbins, three packs of felting fiber (for a really neat felting idea I had on the Tuesday drive; pictures soon, if it works out), cones of red and natural 8/2 cotton for more towels, and four cones of 3/2 cotton to make an inkle band for my Appalachian basket. That ought to keep me busy, for a few days anyway.