Savannah, the Paula Deen Edition

I don't watch the food channels, so I was only minimally aware of Paula Deen - mainly from her appearances on The Tonight Show - until we hit Savannah, where she is PAULA DEEN.


Her restaurant is a few blocks from our hotel, but we hadn't planned to eat there until our tour ended almost on her doorstep about 1:30 today, and the guide said now would be a good time to get a 'walk in' table, since reservations are almost always required. So, after a quick stop to buy umbrellas to fend off the pouring rain, we walked over and were seated on the 3rd floor after just a short wait.


Turns out all my kids are Paula fans. So for them, here's what we had - and yes, it was every bit as good as you would expect from a world-famous chef's restaurant. Now I'm a fan too. (Sorry about the quality of the cell phone pix.)

Hoecake and cheddar garlic biscuits to start.


The best crab stew I've ever had (heck, one of the best things I've ever eaten)


Crab cake sandwich and fries for me


And tilapia sandwich and fries for the hubby.


And just to make sure we always remembered this meal, chocolate mousse pie with chocolate chips on top for dessert. Amazingly delicious!