Plan B

The scenic drive we'd planned on doing today turned out to be not so scenic. Fortunately, the covered bridge I really wanted to see was close to the beginning of the drive.

Campbell's Bridge, built in 1909, is now the centerpiece of a pretty little park. I wanted to walk through and get pictures of the historical sign, but after a bumblebee the size of a hummingbird chased hubby away from the entrance,

I decided a long-distance shot was plenty good enough.

What we really wanted to see was the Blue Ridge Mountains, so Plan B had us heading up into N. Carolina. We thought we'd drive partway back to Atlanta - our plane leaves from there Thursday morning - then spend the night somewhere in the mountains. We didn't get far on the driving part, but we found one heck of a place to stay.


We'd been to Biltmore Estate once before when the kids were little and have always wanted to return.

I called while we were on the road and got a reservation for the night at the Inn on Biltmore Estate, less than 4 miles from the Vanderbilt home. We spent the afternoon touring the house, had a great dinner at Cedrick's Pub, then came back to our room to watch twilight fall over the mountains.

So peaceful and beautiful.

Tomorrow we really do have to head toward Atlanta and home. But tonight, we relax in the grand tradition.



Carolyn P said...

Love all these pics!! the best is that of Dick and the bee!!lol

Anonymous said...

That place is GORGEOUS- have been following you all week, completely jealous. How lovely to spend a night in that beautiful "castle"...

Anonymous said...