Oh, Savannah

Our timing was off this morning (plus we got lost), so the sights of Milledgeville were a bit of a disappointment. We missed the once-daily tour bus, saw the Governor's Mansion from the outside only,


and the museum at the old State Capital, now a military college, was underwhelming.


So we beat feet for Savannah, arriving a little after 2 this afternoon. I thought we were in trouble when our hotel appeared to be under construction, but the staff said all the work is done and the clean up is all that remains. We shall see. . .

We're in the historic district, less than a block from the riverfront,


and two blocks from beautiful City Hall.


We strolled along the waterfront this afternoon, carefully climbing down the ancient, uneven stone steps


that lead between the three levels of shops (we took an elevator back up to street level.)

Every block or so there's a small park, with huge trees heavily hung with Spanish moss.


The buildings are beautiful, full of architectural detailing


and wrought iron trim.


Tomorrow, we plan to take a trolley tour of the city before visiting Fort Pulaski.

And I'm hoping to get my hands on some grits. I had biscuits and gravy our first morning in Georgia, but grits have eluded me.


Woven Spun said...

My best gal-pal (also a knitter) is a Dean at the Military College you visited. What a small world.

Vickie said...

Can you see the green envy dripping from my chin?