Baskets and Trees

Took my second basketry class yesterday.

In the beginning

This one focused on using natural materials; dried leaves and garden trimmings - things that usually get thrown in the waste bin.

My basket on the left; Edie's on the right

I almost didn't go because I was feeling so icky (bronchial asthma. Thank you, confederate jasmine.) but I'm really glad I did. So. Much. Fun.

The replacement for my poor downed orchid tree arrived today.
We paid the nursery to install it - definitely was worth the extra $$ for hubby not to hurt his back again - so it is off to a good start, with two deep watering pipes and a 1 year will-not-die guarantee. I'm thinking it will be a few years before this little thing provides the same view as the old one, but it's a start.


Vickie said...

LOVE, love the basket!