Athens, But Not Greece

We'd intended to spend tonight in Savannah, but we're only half-way there. And that's a good thing. We had such a good time, and had so much to see, that we only made it as far as Milledgeville, Georgia's first state capital. 

We started in Athens, where we saw the Tree That Owns Itself,

and the world's only double-barreled cannon.

Then Watkinsville and the Elder Covered Bridge, which is still in use (my great-grandmother lived just down river from a covered bridge in Tennessee. I've loved them since I was just a little girl.)

And Madison, where we spent most of our day,

touring three historical houses
and wandering around the old town square. 

The plan for tomorrow is to be up early and catch the tour of downtown Milledgeville, then head down the Antebellum Trail to Savannah, where we'll spend two nights. 


Vickie said...

Looks like Georgia will need to be on our bucket list! Have fun!!