• I walked into the bathroom this morning and Snickers, aka Chicken Kitty, was calmly lying inside our very wet bathtub. My first thought was - earthquake drill?? Does she know something I don't? Or maybe I missed the memo for the kitty spa day? Of course she was out of the tub and looking innocent by the time I found a camera.
  • I wound half the warp for my new weaving project last night and finished it up today, along with threading all 634 ends through the reed. This is the first project I've put on Wally, the Walling loom I purchased from Silvia in May 2008. (hey, why rush these things??) Tomorrow I hope to start threading the heddles. This is what I'm trying to make - an overshot rug from the March/April 2007 edition of Handwoven. I've never woven overshot and I've never used this loom; this should be interesting.
  • And what's Dick doing while I weave? Woodworking! He's making a lazy kate (purpleheart and maple) for one of my weaving/spinning/knitting buddies and working on a design plan for the yarn swift/skeiner that I want.
  • Dick went to our local Boston Market tonight to pick up the meatloaf we were both craving and it was gone - lock, stock and candied yams. We were just there a week or so ago. Did the whole chain go under or just the local one? I'm going to miss that place.


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