Lucky Me

Two days ago I talked to hubby about maybe taking out an unused counter in my craft room so I could use it for a weaving corner. I was thinking some day, in the future, when his other projects weren't pressing.

Today - two days later mind you - I came home to this -
the counter is gone and I have my weaving corner. And as if that wasn't enough, he also made me a rack for hanging my in-progress project bags (no surprise, I have a bunch) and cones of weaving yarn. I LOVE it. The glue has to dry overnight but you can bet I'll have this sucker loaded down by this time tomorrow!

Snickers is back from the vet and recovering well.
The vet took out the infected tooth we knew about, but also removed a molar that had the root and nerve exposed, along with 4 other roots where the tooth had completely dissolved, probably from untreated cavities. Snick is on antibiotics for the next week or so, but she's already looking and feeling better. I love my vet but I hope I don't have to visit again soon. These trips are painful to the cat and to the wallet.