Almost done . . .

Two more down, only one left to go before I have all my class samples completed through November. Can't tell you how thrilled I am - and how anxious to move on to some weaving or spinning or knitting . . . anything except crocheted class projects.

This is the Starry Eyes Scarf
done in Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted, color "Daffodil". It is bright and loud, nothing like the colors I normally work with. But it was in the stash and calling to me. This stitch would look good (better maybe?) in a solid color but hey, this should get a potential student's attention on the crowded sample table. And I adore how soft and squishy the yarn is. This will get a twisted fringe before it goes to my LYS tomorrow night.

And a last minute addition to the list -
a Tunisian simple stitch scarf to replace the project I had planned for October's Pattern-a-Month class. Started the planned project and hated it; went to bed worrying about it and woke up with this as the solution.

The yarn is Crystal Palace Yarn's Taos in 'Midnight Oasis' and it's currently at the top of my favorite's list.
Great colors, easy to work with, looks great, feels great and to top it off, it felts great too (used it in one of the woven felted scarves I did a week or so ago.) I put a fringe on this one too - something I very seldom do - and can't decide whether to twist it or leave it plain and loose. Dick has expressed interest in this scarf, but if he changes his mind, this one is mine, mine, mine. All 6-feet of it.