Class Sample

Class sample #1* is done - twice. I had this almost finished last night when I ran out of yarn with a row and a half to go. Didn't want to buy more yarn, plus the rug was gigantic, so I frogged the entire thing and started over with a smaller hook. I also took out 2 rows, redid part of the accent area and redesigned the border. So while this started out looking like its inspiration - I think I ended up with a whole 'nother pattern.

Once I got this blocked and pinned, I made the mistake of going for my camera - and came back to find that AJ had claimed the rug for herself.
She was determined not to give way; I had to physically pick her up and move her to another room before I could get a feline-free shot. I wasn't really surprised since this isn't a first for her. And it makes no difference if the project is dry or already sprayed with water. All pinned down FO's are hers by default. Silly cat.

* Only 15 samples left to do! PieceOfCake.