Busy Busy

Can't believe it's been a week since I posted. I've spent the past seven days making samples and writing descriptions and material lists for the classes I'm teaching this fall. Almost every class is a new one for me; I'm looking forward to them but creating this many samples within a 2 week period is a PITA (pain in the arm).

Clockwise from upper left- popcorn scarf; Tunisian sampler, ripple scarf, cable scarf

With these four projects completed (all except the Tunisian sampler are for the advanced beginning class), I have just four more samples to do to be caught up through October. I'll still need the samples for November and December, but they can wait a few more days.

I took the afternoon off when Missy Leia stopped by today.
Mom, dad and PopPop went to see GI Joe while Leia and I hung out, reading books, playing with blocks, and talking/singing to each other.

click for bigger

Hard to believe the littlest princess is going to be a whole year old on Thursday. And those pants she's wearing today? Toddler size 3. Heaven help us.