Me and Wally

Me and Wally, not friends yet but I haven't given up all hope. As I mentioned earlier (here), I'm putting the first warp on the Walling loom I've had for 18 months. I think Wally's a little miffed to have been ignored for so long.

Wally's front beam is a little too high for me - I pinched a nerve in my shoulder while threading the reed - so I bought a drafting chair to raise me up and improve the threading angle. Score one for me.

The distance from the front beam to the heddles is too far for me to reach comfortably. After talking to another Walling owner this weekend, I discovered that the warp beam comes out very easily;
pull out a metal pin on each side and it slides right off. Gerri has a bigger version of my loom and said she sits inside the back beam and threads from there. So I got my handy, well-padded warping stool, set it inside the loom and started threading. No room to move my shoulders, no place to put my legs. After an hour of trying, I admitted defeat. Score one for Wally.

When Dick got home from the movies with Marie, we took another look at the back beam. One screwdriver, one ratchet wrench, and one false start later, the back beam was off and I was comfortably threading the heddles. Score another point for me.
I'm half done with threading and tempted to say I've won the war, but why jinx it? Something tells me Wally could still have a trick or two up his sleeve.


Dogmommy4 said...

Note to Wally: You are a Tool!! And I mean that in the worst possible way! Please don't hurt e. She means well and if you're a nice manly loom, she'll bake you cookies and - well, maybe that's a bit much. But, she will keep you dusted and working. Otherwise, keep acting up and playing around and she'll send you packin', dude! Slike I said, play nice!!