Spinning Wheel FO

Way back in December 2006, I bought poor broken Helga - a Clemes and Clemes spinning wheel - with the idea of having Dick fix her up and then finding her a new home. That time has finally come. Clemes and Clemes is back in business, after a hiatus making skateboards (it's true; I got it straight from Roy Clemes at the Riverside conference), so I bought Helga's missing parts and today Dick put her back together. With a couple coats of orange oil, she just glows. I gave her a quick spin (sorry) and she runs like a champ, although she's not the quietest wheel I've ever used. Tomorrow is the guild's Recyle Your Stash day - swap it, sell it or trade it - so I'm taking Helga in hopes of finding her a new home. Wish us luck.

Edited to add: Helga has a new home with our guild president, a weaver and brand new spinner. And I have a set of 12 handwoven dish towels in exchange. We both think we got the better end of the deal - a definite win-win.