Descanso Gardens

This post is brought to you by the numbers:
2 - cameras that went with us
6 - gigs of memory between them
28 - photos that Dick took
331 - pictures that I took.

Oh, and '2 weeks' - the amount of time it's taken
me to edit the photos down to a reasonable manageable amount.

Dick and I love going to Descanso in the spring. We usually go in April when the iris and lilacs (my favorites) are in bloom, but we missed it this year with so much going on. We caught the last of my favs but managed to hit high season for the roses, camellias, and azaleas.

Dick calls this shot "photographer at work";
I call it "you better not be taking a picture of my butt."

I love getting macro shots of flowers, the closer the better. This time I also tried to get shots of bugs and insects - the smaller the better. Maybe I've been reading too much 'Ugly Overload' (go visit; it's great!) but I wanted some 'ugly' to go with my flowers - and I got it. Love the blue dragonflies and bees we came across.
Hope you enjoy the show as much as we enjoyed our day. If you want to see the show 'full screen', click the 4-arrows icon on the right side of the box below. (Please leave me a comment if the slideshow doesn't play for you. Marie says she's having trouble seeing all of it; I don't know if it's her browser or something else. Thx.)

You can also see the non-slideshow version of the photos here.