Can You Say 'Ginormous'?

It's done. Finally. I frogged this thing at least three times before I found a size and a design that worked for me. Isn't it gorgeous? Ok, maybe not. But it will be after it dries and I take the plastic bag stuffing out (I used every plastic grocery bag we had in the house - and we had a lot - to get this thing to hold its shape), add a decorative button and shave some of the fuzz from the outside. Finished measurements are about 11" high by 13" or so across the base. Just a slight change from the pre-felting dimensions - 32" across the top and about 19" top to bottom. And the best thing of all? Since I couldn't find a bag pattern I liked, I put this one together myself. Stay tuned for another pattern, coming soon!


Beatriz said...

I love the colors you chose for this bag. They feel like Spring and very happy colors.

Dogmommy4 said...

Sooo....... what's your epi? oh, errr, I mean, what yarn did you use to get that warm fuzzy wuzzyness? I used a dog brush on one of my purses before trimming. Gets all the fuzz going in the same direction for an even trim. If you need to borrow a brush, let me know. ^..^