The Beachin' Life

While Dick and John saw Star Trek in Imax on opening day - Trekkie nirvana - Rachel and I took Addy to the beach. Addy's used to going to the lake with Grandpa Jim, so the waves at Kiddie Beach in Ventura didn't scare her. She wanted a little reassurance the first time she dipped her toes in the surf, but after that she waded right in. The trick was to keep her from going too far out, while attempting - in vain - to keep my shoes dry.

Rachel helped Addy build her first sand castle,
with Rachel doing most of the work and Addy doing most of the supervising. Toward the end of our stay, Rachel walked to the surf line to get a little water for the moat. Addy thought that was too much fun and insisted Rachel let her get water too. Addy dipped the dish just as a wave came in, washed her feet out from under her and plopped her on her backside.

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Like all good mommies, Rachel laughed before helping Addy back to her feet. Once she got over the surprise, Addy thought it was funny too - and a good excuse to shed her dress in favor of her princess bathing suit.

Then it was time to stomp the castle, pick up our belongings and head to the airport. And start the countdown for when Addy comes to visit again.
This is why I love Ventura; so beautiful.


Unknown said...

The first picture is so cute! Looks like you all had a great time.