Meeting the Cousins

The California grandkids came over this afternoon to visit the Colorado branch. First Leia got reacquainted with Auntie Rachel and Uncle John - and then with Cousin Addy. Addy was fascinated with little Leia; she's used to being the youngest and smallest at family gatherings on both sides of her family. Addy kept wanting to hold Leia, but since our chubby princess is only about 5 pounds lighter than Addy, that didn't work very well.

Naia and Addy hung out all afternoon, playing drumsticks with my plastic crochet hooks and putting together floor puzzles (or in Addy's case, taking them apart as soon as Naia put them together.)
Auntie Breanne came over after work, bringing with her a princess outfit for Addy, complete with a set of colorful skirts and wings (actually a fairy costume Bre had worn for Halloween). As you can see, Addy was beyond thrilled. For someone who says she's uncomfortable around little kids, Breanne sure knows how to make them happy. We tried getting photos of the cousins together - minus Miles, who is with his dad this week - but wrangling Addy, 2 and a half, and Leia, 8 months, was like herding cats. Getting their attention focused during the same camera flash was next to impossible. We tried adding Naia to the mix after these shots were taken, but Leia decided she'd had enough and made her opinion known, loud and clear. Rachel finally got this shot of the younger two with her cell phone. I especially love that Leia's hand is holding on to Addy's shoulder. So adorable.