I heart Messy

It drives Dick crazy but I really do like clutter. I know some of it is laziness; it's easier to pile than to file. But if I have too much open space, it makes me feel like I need to buy things to fill it up. So, mess = economy.

Every now and then I get the bug to clean and straighten. This time it was brought on by the need for room to store the 30 or so boxes of Guild books I'm picking up on Sunday. Some fool generous soul volunteered to be librarian until elections in October. I'm planning to put all the books on LibraryThing so our members can see what we have, then farm boxes of books out to members until we get a permanent
Guild home. I'm really looking forward to the challenge. (Question - does anyone know of an online tracking system for magazines, similar to LibraryThing? Still trying to work out a plan for our years and years worth of spinning, weaving, crafting mags.)

So this -
is now this. Pretty impressive, in a short-lived sort of way. (And all the yarn is listed in my Ravelry stash. Just need photos of 4 things and it's up-to-date.)