This week's Lacevember challenge is to describe "your ideal lace making conditions". For me, just about anywhere, just about anytime is good. My usual spot is in my comfy chair, (curious about the fish? The story is here - scroll to the bottom.) in my studio (this is the view from my chair. All the curtains are up now & it's a little more cluttered, but I love it), with a cat - or 2 - on my lap and either music or the TV playing.

I've also been known to crochet during DS's soccer games,
on a boat, and in a plane, but not while riding in a car (I get motion sick. Bummer, especially on long trips.)

While watching TV, during boring meetings, while waiting for meals in restaurants (I'm a lot more patient now; slow service? Yeah, baby - more time to crochet!), and standing in line. At guild meetings is another favorite spot.
I love to see what everyone else is working on - and show my stuff too.

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