I've joined a new knit and crochet-along:

Lacevember is a month-long celebration of lace in all it's forms - shawls, socks, scarves, anything with (intentional) holes is good. It's a lot like the recently concluded Socktober, which celebrated the joys of making socks.(And had over 1200 participants! How great is that!) Lacevember has 116 participants so far - and the list is growing fast. According to the moderators, there will be contests, and drawings, and prizes. Featured patterns. Questionnaires. Lots of stuff to excite you about making lace.

So what am I going to work on for Lacevember? First, I want to finish the Mock Faroese Shawl, a Lily Chin pattern that I'm making in lace weight cashmere from Fearless Fibers.
I've started on the third and final skein, but I'm enjoying this project so much that I'm not in a big hurry to finish it.

I also want to make another My Blue Jean Shawl in red-on-red lace weight Merino wool (also from Fearless Fibers)- a full one, not the shawlette I made the first time (which is the perfect size and shape).I have the yarn already; I just need to wind the balls and get started. AND I'm going to make another shawlette, in red this time, for a woman who's volunteering with me in the Measure P6 campaign. Can you tell I really like this pattern?

And I need to finish this shrug for Marie.
Most of it is done already; I just need to add a few additional rounds to the side edges to make it about 2 inches larger, crochet the sleeves, and attach them to the body. Shouldn't take long - I just need to find the time to sit down and do it.

I probably don't get credit for this in Lacevember since I finished it a few months ago. This is Valentina by Melissa Leapman, made with a chocolate brown lace weight brushed alpaca.
So soft. And a great pattern.

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Anonymous said...

Boy does Lacevemeber (spelling?) sound right up your alley! I'm dying to see what you come up with. :) v